Generative AI in African Higher Education

Key to Transformation or Just Another Imported Fad?

Presented by e/merge Africa and the Digital Education Consulting (DEC) group in partnership with the Southern University System (SUS) of Louisiana, USA.

Join the African Horizons AI Festival online in early 2025 as we form new communities of practice and inquiry to explore the current and potential integration of generative AI in African Higher Education through debate of scholarly papers, reflection on the growing body of practice, panels on hot issues including the ethical and cultural underpinnings, and workshops on the emerging practices and tools.

African Horizons AI Festival online will be multilingual to spark learning and collaboration between colleagues in Anglophone, Arabic speaking, Francophone and Lusophone Africa. We can use the Google Translate widget to show the site in Arabic, French and Portuguese and several other languages. We are exploring theĀ  best services offering live AI powered translation of events.

The why questions will precede the how as we consider how to use generative AI tools to transform the nature of learning experiences in African Higher Education through the lenses of culture, language, pedagogy, learning design, technology enhanced learning and institutional change.

African AI Horizons Topics

Our topics will include:

  1. Generative AI for higher education leadership

  2. Policy and governance of generative AI

  3. Generative AI for the renewal of education

  4. Generative AI for teaching and learning

  5. Generative AI for research

  6. Generative AI literacies

  7. Ethical use of Generative AI

  8. Generative AI for academic integrity

  9. Generative AI for specific African HE contexts

  10. Our Generative AI Toolbox

  11. Generative AI practices

  12. Generative AI startups

AI Horizons logo

Formats for Festival Events

Festival events will be in the following formats:

  1. Research Paper presentations

  2. Literature Reviews

  3. Panels

  4. Workshops

  5. Hackathons

  6. Technology demonstrations

  7. Startup showcases


  1. Relaunch of festival website: To be announced
  2. Call for proposals: To be announced
  3. Deadline for call: To be announced
  4. Keynotes announced: To be announced
  5. Feedback on Proposals: by To be announced
  6. Registrations Open: To be announced
  7. Papers of up to 4000 words submitted by date to be announced
  8. Full Programme Announced: To be announced
  9. Site opens: To be announced
  10. Festival: To be announced

After African AI Horizons

There will be opportunities for presenters and event leaders to participate in special issues of well respected peer reviewed journals. Our first special issue (to be confirmed) is with the International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology (IJEDICT) in late 2025.

Contact Us

Please get in touch at info@aihorizonafrica.net with expressions of interest and any queries.

Proposals for African AI Horizons

Also at https://forms.gle/HGNZLXRF6uaj3xhD8 Available in Arabic, French and Portuguese